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Kendale Products

The Standard Duty BFC series conveyor bearings are the ideal economical choice for use in standard duty gravity roller conveyor and low speed driven roller conveyor applications. These bearings have a dynamic load rating of between 21 and 58 pounds The BFC series features machined inner races with Burnished and hardened raceways and heat-treated stamped outer races. The ball bearings used in the bearing are hardened steel.
The FSRN/FSR provides medium to heavy duty bearings for conveyor flanged bearings assemblies and wheel goods applications. They offer longer life under heaver loads. This selection of Kendale quality bearings features a split ring outer raceway design that offers greater dimensional control with truer running under heavier loads.
The Steel and Aluminum wheels have inner races that are machined and plated for smooth operation, and long life. The outer race and Cup are of a labyrinth construction to keep the dirt out of the inner wheel wheels and the lubrication in between the inner race and Steel Balls. Various lubrication is used in the wheel depending on the application for the wheels. All the friction components are heat treated to a precise hardness to provide longer life and smoother rotation.